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Title: GeoCoin Wallets
Post by: weifa on July 30, 2021, 02:15:25 PM
The $GEO token is an ERC 20 token hosted on the Ubiq network, so users may use any of the available wallet applications provided by the Ubiq team.  For users who are interested in running a desktop client, Ubiq offers two different choices:
Both of the binaries are available here: (  For users who plan to interact with dApps on the network Fusion may be the better choice.  Otherwise it is recommended to use Ubiq Wallet as it has a smaller potential attack surface since the built in browser has been removed.

Ubiq also offers a few web driven wallets capable of storing your GEO tokens
Pyrus is a great option for managing your GEO tokens for those users who don't wish to download / sync the entire blockchain.  If you are interested in participating in the larger Ubiq ecosystem and interact with dApps such as the Shinobi DEX or the upcoming NFT store we highly recommend you use Sparrow browser extension wallet within Chrome or Firefox as it also offers Hardware wallet support for Ledger or Trezor devices.  Metamask is also suitable for interacting with dApps on the network, but does not support Hardware wallets.

Please do not send any GEO tokens to the GEO contract address, any tokens sent to that address will be lost as they are not recoverable.  Whenever sending your GEO balances from one wallet to another, it is always recommended to do a small test transaction first.  Wait until the GEO balance has arrived and received multiple confirmations before sending a larger balance.