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Title: Hash Rush - An online RTS powered by Blockchain
Post by: Darkfall on June 21, 2018, 03:00:27 PM


Hash Rush is an upcoming sci-fi PC title that brings cryptocurrency mining to the world of real-time strategy gaming.

Players will find themselves on a small planet in the expansive Hermeian universe and are tasked with building and managing a mining colony in order to extract as many Crypto Crystals as possible, all while defending themselves against the various threats that lurk in the shadows.

Resource System Overview
Like all good RTS games, Hash Rush has a deep resource system that players will need to manage in order to build their mining camp, from gathering building materials to food for your population upkeep.

Players will notice that some buildings will need advanced resources such as wooden planks or stone blocks, so the player will need to construct the appropriate workshop and then craft the planks from wooden logs, or stone blocks from raw stone.

This is where the first part of our Blockchain integration comes into play. Hash Rush makes use of an ERC20 token known as the Rush Coin (RC) to power the in-game economy. Players will use this token to make player to player and player to game purchases. Our plan is to make the marketplace a player-centric marketplace, where the bulk of the items on sale are listing from other players. We will only populate the marketplace with the more basic items, and the price will be set (by our game economist) to match the prices set by the players.

Items that are tradeable on the market are 'non-resource' items. This means that if a player wishes, they could play the game with the goal of being a specialised crafting player and earn their Rush Coin by selling the items in our marketplace.

We are also exploring the addition of item tokenisation for the best items in Hash Rush.

Hash Rush will be a PvE focused game when it comes to combat. The planet that the players are building their mining colony on will also be home to various beasts and monsters that will pose a constant threat. Players will have to train some of their units to defend themselves, from the melee warriors to ranged slingshooters. Our goal is to develop the combat system so that not all encounters may be brute forced, sometimes the player will need to think strategically to overcome numerically superior foes.

We have a special narrative team that have been working on some pretty exciting quests. To go with the quests, we've designed an original quest system that will take you to new hidden regions of your planet, taking you out of the regular RTS genre into an almost RPG setting.

Crypto Crystals
The main objective for all players is to seek out Crypto Crystal veins and build the crystal mine on them, this will begin the extraction of crypto crystals, a rare and valuable in-game resource. Hash Rush will then be split into seasons (set by the team) and at the end of each season, a high-score table is produced that ranks every player based on the amount of Crypto Crystals that they have mined. We then supply a pool of real cryptocurrency (for example Ethereum) that we mine with our own ever-growing mining farm, and split the crypto-pool based on each player's high-score rank.
Title: Re: Hash Rush - An online RTS powered by Blockchain
Post by: sirwagginston on July 19, 2018, 03:28:48 AM
Sounds exciting! Will the resources and crafted items be on the blockchain, too?
Title: Re: Hash Rush - An online RTS powered by Blockchain
Post by: Darkfall on July 23, 2018, 08:04:13 PM
Glad you like the idea of the game!

We are balancing the game between Blockchain and traditional RTS, so all resources are 'normal' game resources (not on the Blockchain).
When it comes to items, we are splitting them up, common items are not on the Blockchain, however, the rare/legendary items are.

If you are interested in the game, you can sign up for our alpha test which starts on the 31st of July: