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Title: CoinFest
Post by: sirwagginston on November 18, 2019, 01:55:31 AM
We have some really exciting plans in the works for CoinFest 2020 in April. The two biggest participating cities, Vancouver and Manchester, will both have major blockchain gaming events. As usual, attendance will be free and open to everyone, but sponsors and exhibitors will want to be aware of some additional opportunities.

Generous (CoinFest is non-profit and run by volunteers, and we get have great venue relationships) bulk deals will be offered to those who participate in both UK and Vancouver events. We recognize that some projects don't have enough team members around the world for that, however, so we encourage you to attend either one based upon whichever is geographically closer.

Whichever route you choose, will offer you a free bonus PR package. We will custom design/write one featured webpage/article about your project, or accept payment in locked tokens (preventing us from dumping immediately) if you wish to become a client. Our existing free community resources (Meetups, blog, forum for everyone) remain unchanged.

See if you're not yet familiar with CoinFest.
Title: Re: CoinFest
Post by: sirwagginston on January 23, 2020, 12:12:03 AM
Plans continue to emerge for blockchain gaming at CoinFest. CoinFest UK will last 3 days, April 3-5, and have a themed section dedicated to blockchain gaming projects. Blockchain gaming speakers will also be included on the main stage. See for more info.

The Blockchain Gaming Expo at CoinFest Vancouver will be focused entirely on blockchain gaming and last all day and evening on April 5. You can RSVP on EventChain at