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Blockchain Games / Beyond the Void STEAM Early Access
« on: June 19, 2018, 09:44:33 AM »


Beyond the Void is a unique combination of strategy, action and competition in 1 versus 1. It brings the MOBA genre with its RTS origins back together in a space universe in perpetual motion.

Come into our science fiction universe and experience the thrill of being a captain! Pick your mothership and draft its skills. You’ve got only one true goal: To forge a strong fleet and conquer your opponent’s home planet! Now, Captain, board your mothership, balance your strategy and resources and lead the war… Beyond the void!

The game is in EARLY ACCESS on STEAM


The Nexarium is the ecosystem created by B2Expand to promote blockchain-in-gaming products. This portal centralizes in-game items published by B2Expand and provides an environment for partner games based on the same Ethereum technology to be added to the platform. These new games will have the same consistency and artistic direction as Beyond the Void, we’ll have more details to share in a later post. All games added will use the same crypto-token, Nexium (NxC), with Beyond the Void’s items being the first to enter the Nexarium and be distributed on the Corporation shop.

Having the games in the same Nexarium ecosystem will also allow cross-game sharing of in-game items, meaning that the same item will be available in different games. Your Nexarium account will be used to connect to all Nexarium games and apps, including Beyond the Void, the Store, and other games from B2Expand.

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