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Nine Chronicles


Nine Chronicles is the world’s first blockchain-based, open-source, completely moddable RPG that we've been working on since 2018. It's an exciting side-scrolling RPG, with nine sumptuously illustrated worlds to explore, an extensive crafting system, and rewarding gameplay. But there's a catch— no blockchain requirement to play. So we invite you to our decentralized fantasy world, one that lives—and thrives—forever.


  • Dungeons: Explore a brand new fantasy world complete with original characters and unique monsters from nine different realms.
  • Crafting: In this world, you must craft your gear through collecting and combining raw materials from the dungeons. Build your unique item and discover new recipes.
  • Trading: You can always craft special items and trade with other players. Find demand, invest in gear, get rewarded with gold.

Different Way to Play

  • Adventures: Overcome challenges, compete with other players, optimize gears, find new ways to play.
  • Miners: Enable a fully decentralized world by converting computing resources with gold.
  • Merchants: Balance supply and demand for exotic items and materials.
  • Politicians: Issue and pass amendments for the world with players’ support.

Open Sourced and fully moddable from launch. Design levels and features, send contributions through GitHub, fork and launch new network with friends.

Please join our Discord channel for getting more information including upcoming airdrop event.


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