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Blockchain Games / Blockfight Airdrop
« on: March 07, 2019, 06:24:51 PM »
The Blockfight Launch Airdrop campaign has begun:

Everyone can earn up to 5000 HALO each for a variety of actions, including social media sharing, playing the game and joining our community. PLUS we are going to continue the weekly draw for 100,000 HALO.

So please spread the word and share the great news about Blockfight!

Blockchain Games / Re: Blockfight by Block and Chain Game Studios is LIVE!
« on: February 28, 2019, 02:54:33 AM »
Works for me!  ;)

Blockchain Games / Blockfight by Block and Chain Game Studios is LIVE!
« on: February 25, 2019, 06:30:51 PM »

It is with great great pleasure that we announce the launch of our inaugural title Blockfight! The game is now live and can be played at . Many thanks to everyone in our community for all of your support. And to recognize your support, we will be running a series of community events over the next week JUST FOR YOU, our community!

Play Blockfight for free or play to win crypto using your Halo Platform wallet (browser extension available here: and play with HALO or ETH (you'll need Metamask if you're playing with ETH). If you need help installing and running the browser extension and Crypto Cage, check out the Block and Chain wiki here:

In the event you run into an issue, post it here or on our support page:

Watch this space for airdrops and events coming soon! Join our Discord community to learn more:

Happy Battling!

Blockchain Games / Re: Moonify partner with Spells of Genesis
« on: January 28, 2019, 08:18:32 PM »
This looks interesting. So in tl;dr what benefit does Moonify provide to players? To the game company?


Great question! For PvP games, making an intuitive match with someone at your skill level or player level can sometimes be a challenge for more subtle games, like PvP battlers. From my experience, a lot of players also feel that matchmaking is rigged and they are pitted against other players that are of a much higher skill level. By using the blockchain, we can demonstrate provable fairness in matchmaking and use smart contracts to set matchmaking parameters which are public and unchanging.

Gaming Platforms / Re: TRON and Crypto Gaming
« on: January 23, 2019, 05:48:16 PM »
They are very good at marketing and PR. Their value as a currency has been questioned by many of the more established platforms out there.

Thanks for the responses.

We have a few things Enjin Coin doesn't have (although their ability to market is admittedly impressive as is a few of their mobile toys):
- A 5000 TPS blockchain which allows for realtime gaming and instant transactions
- A gas free currency
- An integrated wallet and DEX
- Player Central
- We actually make our own games and have proven out our tech in the making of those games (note: We've only publicly announced 2 games. We have 4 more in our pipeline)
- Our service includes live support from our team - we don't just open up our Github repo and say "here you go", we actually nurture partners through the integration process
- All our games are also free-to-play. Players don't need to "buy in" or even play with cryptocurrency if they don't want to.

Many of these benefits come from the Halo Platform, which is our parent company. They've had a live product since last may and have continued to evolve it rapidly. We pride ourselves on not having to send our players to someone else's platform to acquire and store their coins.

Of course our team are also made of of veterans from EA, LucasArts, Zynga, DeNA, Spotify, NCSOFT, Glu and a few other game/platform companies. Enjin Coin has some industry veterans, but we're wholly game vets.

As far as how we use the blockchain, we currently support:
- Provable fairness: Blockfight, for example, uses block hashes to determine doe rolls. Players can view each hash on our block explorer.
- True ownership: In our next game Draggin' Dragons, players can breed dragons, which are decentralized and stored on the blockchain.
- Auction house: P2P marketplace where players can sell and auction their game assets. Transactions are powered by smart contract.
- Single sign on: Using your game wallet (no need for traditional username and password credentials)
- Decimated will be a decentralized MMO on our blockchain

It's also worth noting that you can play games on our platform with multiple currencies and tokens, not just our native currency (which is a true coin and not an ERC token)

In the future, we are also going to have:
- A proprietary blockchain based chat system
- Blockchain based, provably fair matchmaking system


Block and Chain Game Studios ( is proud to be among the first companies wholly dedicated to building blockchain games. Our primary directive is always to build games that are fun, creative, and immersive. But we see our mission as much more than just launching our own games. While we are developing exciting and eye-catching new games powered by blockchain technology, we are also providing game developers with the same tools we have developed and proven in our own games.

Block and Chain isn’t just providing a platform for new blockchain games, it’s offering a turn-key infrastructure for the launch of the next great indie blockchain enabled gaming experience. Utilizing the Halo Platform’s ( blockchain infrastructure, Block and Chain’s own in-house game-making tools and expertise, and the established gamer ecosystem we work hard to cultivate every day.

As you'd expect, we'll have clear and easy SDKs for most applications such as Unity, JavaScript/node.js, REST, etc., which will make integrating with the Block and Chain Platform incredibly easy. Also, we will, in many cases, be able to eliminate the need to have a wallet installed in a player's browser,which will always make the experience more seamless. Game development partners will also receive the benefits of our community, including product support, customer service and cross-promotion and co-marketing within our platform.

The second major piece of the Block and Chain Games Platform is Player Central: Gamers will experience Block and Chain Game Studios through “Player Central,” a customizable portal for players to manage their user profile and digital currency for all games across the platform. Player Central allows gamers to access their favorite titles without any additional client software or plugins. When they access Player Central, players will experience a dynamic, gamified, and socially-enabled center where they can manage all aspects of their in-game activities. This includes achievements and rewards, in-game purchases, customized avatar and character attributes, and all of the other player data that will be stored permanently and securely on the blockchain. Partner games will all have a feature page, promotional banners, achievements and direct access to player support through Player Central.

We are currently working with a number of game developers and have already announced that Fracture Lab's MMORPG Decimated ( is being built on our platform. We are proud to work with such an ambitious project!

To learn more about the platform on our website ( or in our whitepaper (

Game developers who would like to learn more about the Block and Chain Games partner platform can contact us at

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hey Guys! GAMING ALL DAY!(I WISH)
« on: January 21, 2019, 11:49:20 PM »
There's a lot of info on your side. Do you mind sharing the tl;dr of your platform? As a player, what are the exciting aspects of it? Thanks!

Blockchain Games / Re: HashKings is Coming to Steem
« on: January 21, 2019, 11:47:39 PM »
This isn't meant to be a stupid question, so here goes: Is there any real world tie-in to your game? With more and more countries and states legalizing cannabis, I think it's fantastic to see more legit commerce and trade happening on the blockchain. The game looks quite interesting!

Blockchain Games / Re: Coming soon! Blockfight by Block and Chain Games
« on: January 16, 2019, 04:41:45 PM »

Our games utilize 2 types of currency:

1. An in-game coin, similar to most casual games. These can be earned free through the daily drip or through giveaways or they can be purchased for credit card. They have no value outside of the game but will be usable to wager on battles and can also be used to purchase in game assets such as different styles of dice to play with, different backgrounds and eventually different characters.

2. Cryptocurrency with the HALO coin from, our parent company. The Halo Platform is really a major part of what makes our games unique, with a high speed blockchain, DEX, and integrated wallet which is used to login to our games. HALO can be bought and sold at, STEX or LATOKEN with more exchanges coming online soon. And of course, HALO can be taken out of the game, traded or used in any of our games. It's a full blown currency and not a token.

ETH and BTC will also come soon, possibly at launch.

As for games with more player control, we're making those too. Our launch title is intended to be an "Etheroll Killer", which continues to make a good income though it lacks much visual appeal. We'll share more soon, I just don't want to spam the forum.  ;D

Blockchain Games / Re: Coming soon! Blockfight by Block and Chain Games
« on: January 16, 2019, 01:44:02 AM »
Great question. This game is purely a battler, but our next game has on-chain asset ownership. I'll post more information about that in the next week or two.

Blockchain Games / Coming soon! Blockfight by Block and Chain Games
« on: January 15, 2019, 07:56:35 PM »

Place your wager on Blockfights, epic duels between legendary monsters and creatures of war.

What is BlockFight? BlockFight is a creature vs creature fighting game with provably fair battle outcomes determined by the blockchain.

Check out the trailer video:

Wager your coin on epic duels between legendary monsters and creatures of war. Provably fair battles let you choose the risk and reward. Pocket your profits or set your stakes higher to take on an epic challenger! Blockfight takes blockchain gaming to the next level with epic dice battles. You pick your odds, lay down your bet, and roll the dice to determine your fate.

Blockfight features:
- Select your risk/reward level - The creatures you select to battle determine your payout amount
- Provable fairness - All dice rolls are randomly generated from the blockchain
- Hall of Victory - Beat every creature and fill up your trophy room
- Choose and play in your favorite arena, select your favorite dice
- Set the game to autoplay a set number of matches
- Daily coins - Free in-game coins every day you login

Block and Chain games are free-to-play or players can choose to connect their Halo Platform wallet and play with cryptocurrency. Install the Halo Platform browser extension here Your wallet serves as your login for friction free gaming!

Blockfight is the launch title for Block and Chain Games and is the first of many great games to come.

See Blockfight vs Etheroll

Blockfight will launch at the end of January!

Gaming Platforms / Thoughts on Blockchain Game Platforms
« on: January 11, 2019, 03:04:51 AM »
Hello Everyone.

There are quite a few established and up-and-coming blockchain game platforms out there.

I would love to hear from the group, especially from blockchain game makers, what is your preferred platform. And what is it about that platform you like which made you decide to go with it?

Introduce Yourself / Re: Block and Chain Game Studios
« on: January 11, 2019, 02:50:14 AM »
Thank you. I'm excited to see this group grow.

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