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F!GHTproof: Play. Wager. Win.
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A Player vs Player mobile game built on on our very own Katharos blockchain, using a hybrid PoF/DPoS hashing algorithm, F!GHTnodes, Smart Contracts, and the F!GHTproof Virtual Machine. A highly competitive and wager driven decentralized mobile game created in a 3-layer fashion. The top layer you have the arcade style feel of a player-vs-player fighting game similar to such classic titles as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. The middle layer allows the player to go more in-depth with its RPG elements such as character customization, inventory storage, and location based gameplay (similar to popular mobile titles such as Pokemon Go and The Walking Dead Mobile).  The bottom and most important layer is the implementation of our own private blockchain to control such game features as match wagering, global player rankings, and digital asset ownership... just to name a few!

Match Wager System:
Allows players to wager their TKO by depositing into a Bounty Pot before the Brawl Match starts. A Brawl Match puts two fighters in "the ring" so to speak which is different level atmospheres ranging from Earth and Space Stations to Alien Planets and even Hell its self, to battle it out in a 3 round winner takes all fight! Who ever wins the Brawl Match takes home the whole pot of TKO and anything else that the players have decided on wagering such as other virtual goods. Distribution of TKO thoughout all in-game processes are handled with the help and combination of the TKO protocol coupled with smart contracts to insure that the correct user/winner of the Brawl Match is paid.

Match Explorer: Similar to the original blockchain explorer, F!GHTproof Match Explorer takes the data to a whole new level, a level of complete detail. Included with our F!GHTproof blockchain Explorer will be a MatchExplorer. The Match tab, as it will be labeled, will give it's users access to a slew of fight data pertaining to that of each fighter in each individually saved Brawl Match. Details of every Brawl Match since the launch of our game, will be stored in full transparency for users to view and cycle through. With such a large amount of stored data,we will give the users of our database the option to search for a specific Match by either the unique Match Number, name of any participating fighter, or by the specific date and time that a Brawl Match took place. Once they find the specific Brawl Match they are looking for they can explore the details on how the fight played out down to a single punch thrown.They can also verify the points of the fight and if it adds up correctly to the winning fighter of that Brawl Match. This allows for new avenue of "side bets using points" and a clear explanation of a wager won or lost.

Leaderboard: Located on the homepage of the Match Explorer is a hierarchy of Fighter's names and related fight information pertaining to the skill and history of a specific fighter. We call this hierarchy, our Leaderboard. On this Leaderboard, at the top of the list, lies a fighter's name with his total points score tallied up next to the words"GOD"...that is the number one spot,El Heffe,The Boss,the best fighter in the game. It will also make that fighter's Brawler Contract worth a pretty penny!

In order to appear on the list of the TOP 100, a player must have his fighter accumulate points fighting in winning in Brawl Matches. It is on this board that he can brag all he wants and also make a great chunk of change during challenges put up by INDIEproof, LLC or by even selling the Brawler Contract to their TOP 100 Fighter as it would be worth a nice penny! The choice is yours of course!

F!GHTnodes: A F!GHTnode is a servicenode, similar to a masternode,on our Katharos blockchain network that uses a Delegated proof of stake (DPOS) in which operators must be trusted community members who are voted in as a way of being "vetted" for security. The purpose of a F!GHTnode is to provide storage and overall network stability for the Katharos Mainnet,allowing for seamless online play without interruptions or "lag" in the data transferred. Stored data consists of not only API endpoints but also of the TKO Protocol, TKO Wallet, Match Wager System, and Match Explorer. All of which is very important to the functionality of the game. Each F!GHTnode will hold a complete copy of the Katharos blockchain. The current requirements of becoming an operator and owning a F!GHTnode are as followed:
  • Must DYI your own node from our instructions, be a beta tester for our hardware, or purchase our very own custom hardware we call the F!GHTnode.
  • Must have a fast and dedicated internet connection
    3. You must own at least 10,000 TKO coins that are to be "lock-up" and stored as collateral for the entire life-span of running a F!GHTnode.

 In return for their service, each F!GHTnode will receive a percentage of all transaction fees and other service charges accumulated by use of the Katharos blockchain.

Players will now have the ultimate bragging rights of saying, "Put your money where your mouth is!"

Looking to join our awesome team?

Please email with a CC to with your resume and why you think you would be a good fit for us?

P.S. Don't mind the website as we are soon to be adding our community's login and dashboard service as well as updating the whitepaper and website to reflect blockchain tech change, Proof-of-Fight Hash Algo, timeline updates, etc.

Re: F!GHTproof: Play. Wager. Win.
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This sounds cool! Are you a developer? Let us know and we can upgrade your account with the special fancy member title