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Blockchain Gaming Investment Fund


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Last year, we started a hedge fund for investing in the blockchain gaming industry. It is doing extremely well. Someone gave us $1060 on October one, and they had almost $14,000 on February. Gonna have to do another calculation, soon.

If you wanna see pretty charts and hear my explanations of the fundamental analysis, check out these blog posts and videos:

Latest update to our other social media channels:

The cryptocurrency market is beginning to crash, but the Blockchain Gaming Investment Fund is still doing well. Coins we sold like ENJ and MANA are falling. MATIC and CHI continue to flirt with all time highs, though; wish we'd bought more. We still have a lot of Tether.
GALA has spiked again. No particular reason from what I can gather... it just decided to do so. We HODL'd, though, because I still think it can go higher. Might have been some whale who knows something I don't, which could imply more to come.
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